Acme Performance Propeller

Precision Propulsion for Ultimate Performance

At Pavati Wake Boats, we leave no detail to chance. That’s why we proudly feature the 4-blade ACME Performance Propeller, meticulously designed to harmonize with your engine and hull. Whether you’re indulging in exhilarating watersports or leisurely cruising, this powerhouse propeller ensures a seamless and efficient glide through the water.

What sets us apart? When you choose a Pavati wake boat, our dedicated team goes the extra mile. We work with Acme to perform precise calculations to guarantee the perfect match for your local elevation. It’s this commitment to perfection that defines Pavati and ensures your boating experience is unparalleled.

Pavati “Standard Features” outclass other watercraft “Upgrades”.

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Marine Power LT4 650HP

Acme Performance Propeller

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