Rear Flip Up Seats

Enjoy Every Surfing Moment

At Pavati, we understand that the thrill of wake surfing isn’t just for the riders—it’s for everyone on the water. That’s why we’ve designed our wake boats with rear flip-up seats, offering passengers a front-row seat to the exhilarating view.

The Perfect Viewing Experience:
Our rear flip-up seats are strategically positioned to provide the perfect viewing experience. Whether you’re watching friends and family ride the waves on other boats or taking in the stunning scenery, these seats ensure you never miss a moment.

Comfort Meets Action:
Comfort is a top priority on our wake boats. These flip-up seats aren’t just about the view; they’re also about comfort. Passengers can relax, lean back, and soak in the moment.

A Premium Boating Experience:
At Pavati, we’re dedicated to providing a premium boating experience that caters to every member of your crew. Our rear flip-up seats are just one example of how we prioritize comfort, convenience, and engagement for all passengers.

Pavati “Standard Features” outclass other watercraft “Upgrades”.

Alpha Chair

Rear Flip Up Seats

Custom gatorstep

Alcantara suede accent upholstery

Alcantara suede upholstery

Chilled and heated cup holders

Double stitch interior

Heat shield/ cool tech upholstery

Heated bow seats

Most Storage