The Best-in-Class Features of the Pavati AL Series

Alpha Chair

Hold Feature

Backing Up

Ambience plus package

Rear Flip Up Seats

Pull out shoe drawer

Vital Vue


Triple axle Boat Mate

Painted accessories to match

Tower overlays

Wide Center Access

Custom gatorstep

Any Finish

Jeweled logo

Fully painted Hull sides

Wake tower cover

Interior LED compartment lighting

Remote locking storage

Alcantara suede accent upholstery

Alcantara suede upholstery

Chilled and heated cup holders

Double stitch interior

Heat shield/ cool tech upholstery

Heated bow seats

RGB accent lighting

Forward Facing Tower Light Bars 32”

Soundwaves “Under water speaker”

Extreme Underwater lighting package

Wireless chargers

Dual 12” rear xxx subs

Wetsounds 15” helm sub

Cell phone booster

Garmin Bow 7” screen

Garmin dual 7” screens

Clear Rgb dance pole

Aluminum dance pole

Frigi Bar – Electronic Cooler

Integrated cooler with drainplug

Bbq and Transom mount

Side Bar Drink dispensor

Inflatable Pump

Tower Misters

Optimus steer by wire Auto-pilot:

Engine Diacom Management

Bilge Heater

Marine Power LT4 650HP


Garmin Apollo MSRA-770

Unibody Structure

Acme Performance Propeller

Yacht Certification

Art of Aluminum

Garmin Surf Screen

Quick Plane Trim Tab

Rip Tide Surf Tabs

Most Storage

Command Center

Surf Lounge

Zero Flex Hull

Quick Wake – Dynamic Trim Control

Most Headroom

360° Viewing PTZ Camera

Speakers with ambient lighting

Swivel Board Racks

Easy 2-point Bimini

Slip Parking

Parallel Parking