Agilty Defined

Bow and Stern Thrusters

Bow and Stern


Conveniently located next to the throttle in the Command Center, enjoy the ease and flexibility of a V-Drive system when you parallel park, slip park or hold your vessel in one place.

Bow and Stern Thrusters

Make it easy to stay in full control.

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Backing Up

First time divers can easily take the wheel and back up in either direction with confidence.

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Hold Feature

Engage bow and stern thrusters at the same time and in the same direction to activate the Hold Feature Utilizing both thrusters at the same time holds the wake boat snug to the dock while tying it up Keep precious fingers from being pinched while tryin

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First-time drivers quickly gain confidence steering in tight quarters with Pavati’s exclusive Bow and Stern thrusters Hop right in the captain’s chair with confidence and operate a slow-moving V-Drive in crowded marinas or on windy days Stay in full co

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Parallel Parking

The ONLY way to parallel park; maneuver the boat in parallel pattern (side-to-side) by engaging the Bow and Stern Thrusters This one-of-a-kind wakeboarding boat feature makes parking at the marina convenient and straight-forward The old way to parallel

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Slip Parking

Instantly look like a pro driver when parking a Pavati into a slip while utilizing the industry’s only Bow and Stern Thruster system Sometimes it can be embarrassing and dangerous for the driver when trying to park a boat into a slip because of how dif

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