The ultimate wakeboat – the Pavati AL Series. With more options, standard amenities and great innovation and tech integration than any other wakeboat.

NEW Rip Tide™ 6.0 Surf System
Quick Wake™
Heliarc ™ Power Tower with integrated Bimini

Easy 2-point Bimini
Dual Oversized PTM Edge Swivel Board Racks

Foot Wash in Bow
Billet Watersport Tower Tow Ball

Transom Grab Handle with Tow Bar
Aluminum Grab Handles

Aluminum dance pole

The ultimate party starter.

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Clear Rgb dance pole

The talk of any tie up! Stand out with Full RGB color change.

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Side Bar Drink dispensor

The most convenient, clean and easy way to mix beverages on the boat. With clean and cool storage in yeti mugs, add any drinkable liquid and click the button of choice. This features is conveniently located in the bow walkthrough above the cooler. Fill

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Surf Lounge

Our Surf Lounge allows your crew to be up close and personal to the action behind the boat.

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Tower Misters

Tower misters are the best way to cool your boat on a hot day!

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High pressure footwash on the bow.

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Frigi Bar – Electronic Cooler

The best way to store food and drinks!

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Bbq and Transom mount

Feed your guests in style!

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Inflatable Pump

Located in the passenger flip up seat, fill up your favorite water toy with a click of the button to your needed psi. 

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Integrated cooler with drainplug

An all aluminum drop in cooler that is insulated box with a removable drain plug that can be removed to drain water

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Extreme Underwater lighting package

Stratigically placed to highlight our boat 360 degrees.

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RGB accent lighting

The perfect addition to dark locations around the boat we have added 8 RGB accent lights to ensure every space is light up.

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