In the spring of 2008, the very first Pavati Wake Boat emerged from our welding booth en route to Lost Creek, for the first test run of what was initially a dream of our Founder – Chuck Gros.

Every day since, Chuck and the growing team at Pavati, have imagined into life and engineered numerous world firsts and industry firsts fueled by a burning desire to fabricate revolutionary options and desirous features for owners who desire the ultimate experience – where one-of-a-kind designs meet world class function and form.

Aluminum has been proven by science and ultimately by time to be the worlds best material for boat building because of its superior strength-to-weight ratio and natural resistance to corrosion and rust.

As such Pavati Wake Boats will last for generations and for that reason alone we take pride in our customization process by building each boat with distinctive features that also need to last a lifetime.

Once you secure your build slot and begin your journey as a Pavati Boat Owner you instantly become part of a family of enthusiasts, engineers and designers that is dedicated to taking care of you 24/7 and who stand behind the only Lifetime Warranty in the industry.


  • New Rip Tide™ 6.0 Surf System – Longest and tallest wave in the world. Period.
  • New Quick Wake™ – Dynamic trim control & prop wash flow control
  • New Zero-Flex™ Hull – Worlds’ strongest and best-performing hull
  • Bow & Stern Thrusters – The only dual thruster system for full boat control
  • Heliarc™ Tower – Patented fully welded unibody aluminum tower
  • Surf Lounge – Our first Pavati innovation that instantly adds style and comfort to wake surfing and wake boarding boats, quickly adopted by our competitors.


  • Holds Value – Built to last for generations.
  • No Rust – Natural resistance to oxidation
  • Zero Maintenance – No buffing
  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio – 10x stronger than fiberglass
  • Save Fuel in Tow & on Water – up to 40% lighter than fiberglass (empty ballast)



  • Create Your Vision – Our team of experts will guide you through all of our options so you can Make It Your Own.
  • Design Your Interior – Roll up your sleeves and dive into all of the different interior options such as fabric textures, colors, flooring designs and patterns.
  • Design Your Exterior – Work directly with our team of graphic designers who work with you when creating a boat design that meets your needs.
  • Overflowing with Technology – Our long list of added features range from our Heliarc™ Power Tower, automatic fire suppression system, extra speakers, more LCD screens, extra RGB and LED lighting.



  • We take pride in keeping our customers on the water.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support.
  • We do not hesitate to pack our tools and come to you.
  • We find a local boat shop in your area that meets our upscale expectations for regular maintenance and factory upgrades.



  • The only True Lifetime transferrable hull warranty.
  • 7-year powertrain warranty (Industry’s only motor & transmission warranty)
  • 5-year Signature Bow-to-Stern warranty.